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Arashi to make appearance on “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011″ via broadcast

As many of you already know, Arashi will be one of the hosts for this year’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen“, which will be broadcasted live on New Year’s Eve from 7:00 PM- 11:45 PM. But that’s not the only event the night has in store for Japan’s most popular male group – Arashi is also confirmed to be attending the “Johnny’s Countdown 2010-2011“, which will also be partially broadcasted live on Fuji Television.

“Johnny’s Countdown” is an annual countdown live held at the Tokyo Dome which features appearances from the many talents of Johnny’s Entertainment. As members of JE, Arashi has attended the event every year. In 2009, Arashi attended “Kohaku” for the first time, but were unable to stick around for the entire ceremony as they had to rush to the countdown live immediately after they concluded their performance.

As Arashi has confirmed their appearance again this year for both “Kohaku” and “Johnny’s Countdown”, they’ve decided that they’ll participate on “Johnny’s Countdown” via a relay broadcast.

Since the countdown broadcast starts at 11:45PM, the boys have worked out a cooperative agreement with NHK; as hosts of “Kohaku” this year, Arashi will be unable to leave early to attend the countdown live. Knowing that their attendance is a tradition valued by both members and the fans, NHK has agreed to help the boys out by allowing them to relay broadcast from one of their studio or venue locations.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for continued coverage on this exciting event!

source: tokyohive
AKB48 to hijack the “Kohaku Uta Gassen”!

They’re the biggest girl group in Japan, and they’re gearing up to hijack NHK’s annual music show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen.”

Performance details from Kohaku’s rehearsal have revealed that AKB48 will appear not just once, but twelve times throughout the show.

The girl group will deliver a three-song medley titled, “Kohaku 2010 AKB48 Kamikyoku SP“, but they’re also engaged to be the back-up dancers for some veteran singers, such as Wada Akiko, Godai Natsuko, and Hosokawa Takashi.

Moreover, 16 members will be cooperating with Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi and Ninomiya Kazunari for a broadcast relay from backstage.

With 16 research students in addition to members from SKE48 and NMB48, a total of 130 girls will be seen on Kohaku’s stage.

Stay tuned to tokyohive for additional coverage on this event!

source: tokyohive
Supernova and LPG greets the new year in hanboks
Supernova and LPG recently participated in a photo shoot for their greetings for the new year.

Having an average height of 180 cm, the six members of Supernova were first dubbed as ‘models’, while LPG captivated fans with their 170 cm heights. With their naturally model-esque bodies, all 11 idol members successfully completed their photo shoot in hanboks with a relaxed atmosphere.

Supernova awaits the new year with great anticipation for their music careers. In particular, four of the six members, Kun Il, Sung Mo, Ji Hyuk, and Hwang Soo, were all born in the ‘Year of the Hare’. With 2011 also being the ‘Year of the Hare’, Supernova expressed, “Since 2011 is the ‘Year of the Hare’, we believe even better things will happen to us next year.”

Meanwhile, LPG stated, “We think we will be heading off to Japan as well as promoting in Korea for 2011. If we do advance into Japan, we hope we can follow the great successes of Supernova.”

source: dailymail
B2ST’s Dongwoon clarifies on his ‘improper greeting’ to T-ara

B2ST’s Dong Woon posted an explanation in response to a flurry of criticisms, alleging that he had improperly greeted the T-ara members.

On the December 28th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Happy Day‘, footage of Dong Woon tilting his head to the T-ara members caused some T-ara fans to believe that he was being impolite. Some commented, “T-ara is still his senior, so isn’t he being too careless?” and “It looks like he’s ignoring them.”

On December 31st, Dong Woon responded to the criticisms via Twitter. He started, ”There were some talks due to my greeting.”

“What was caught on camera was a situation in which I had already greeted my seniors [T-ara], and because they were in the middle of filming, I just slightly bowed my head to greet them. Please don’t hate me too much.”

When fans showered him with worried comments and consolation, Dong Woon replied, “I believe there must always be a clarification for comments regarding manners and character. I think you guys know the reason. I don’t get hurt that easily, so don’t worry ^^“.

More accommodating fans teasingly welcomed this seemingly stiff and unfriendly interaction, as they commented, “The beautiful (?) relationship between male and female idols!” and “All relationships between male and female idol groups should be like this“.

It appears that the scandal barely colored the relations between B2ST and T-ara, as the two groups collaborated together for SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” on December 29th.

source: allkpop
“Heroes” ladies warm up “SBS Entertainment Awards” with exciting dance opener

Members from the SBS variety show ‘Heroes‘ put on a lively opening performance for the ‘2010 SBS Entertainment Awards‘ on December 30th.

To start, Nicole and IU wore white dresses and performed a cute dance to match their charming youth. Then, Shin Bong Sun and Jung Ga Eun showed off an unexpected sexy side by performing to a Lady Gaga number. Dance queen Kahi wrapped up the individual stages by delivering a powerful, yet smooth dance solo.

To wrap up their performance, the five members came together and danced to Lee Hyori’s ‘U Go Girl‘, leaving audience members primed for a great show ahead.

source: allkpop
Song Ji Hyo wins ‘Variety Special Award’ at “SBS Entertainment Awards”

Actress Song Ji Hyo received the ‘Variety Special Award’ at the “2010 SBS Entertainment Awards” on December 30th.

Song won over viewers with her dedication and unwavering passion as she casted herself into every game on SBS’s variety show, “Running Man“. Indeed, many have speculated that the program became popular because of Song Ji Hyo.

The actress is also a mainstay MC for ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, and even had to depart straight for the studio after the awards show to attend the show’s live broadcast.Source: Sports Chosun

source: allkpop
AKB48’s Takahashi Minami reflects on “Kohaku”, then and now

NHK’s year-end show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen“, is almost here and the lineup for 2010 boasts a cast list of epic proportions, particularly for AKB48 member, Takahashi Minami.

“Rehearsal for us was like a scene from a disaster area“, grinned Takahashi. “The combined number of members, including cameos from SKE48 and NMB48, exceeded the total of 100!” This year, the AKB48 family has grown tremendously in size with the additions of the groups, SKE48 and NMB48.

AKB48 first performed on “Kohaku” back in 2007, though their fame hadn’t quite kicked off yet. The girls performed “Aitakatta“, but unfortunately, they received more attention on their parts as back-up dancers for Enka legend, Godai Natsuko.

“It was an honor to dance behind Godai Natsuko-san as she sang, but at the same time, we didn’t really get a chance to be seen, which was kind of regretful. We owe many thanks to everyone for cheering us on, and for allowing us to come back on stage. We’re going to do our best to show everyone a cool AKB48 this year.”

“Kohaku Uta Gassen” will air via live TV on December 31st from 7:30PM to 11:45PM.

source: tokyohive
AKB48, Shinoda Mariko has a circular loss of hair?
AKB48 member, Shinoda Mariko’s tweet about circular loss of hair has made her fans all worried.

Below is what Shinoda tweeted.

“I’m at the rehearsal for ‘Kohaku’” at 9:16 a.m.

“I’m gonna skip the interview, and go see a doctor.” at 1:59 p.m.

“I’m going to the hospital now. I got a circular loss of hair.” at 2:25 p.m. → deleted

“I tweeted by accident…” at 2:30 p.m.

“I was just kidding.” at 2:34 p.m.

“I’m going back to the rehearsal now. It’s gonna be a long day today.” at 2:57 p.m.

Although she deleted the tweet about circular loss of hair right away, and said she was just kidding, fans are still worried about her.

source: tokyohive
Perfume’s A-chan gushes over Matsu-Jun

Perfume showed up at the rehearsal for “Kohaku Uta Gasen” which was held on December 29th, and at the press conference, member A-chan (Nishiwaki Ayaka) confessed about the dream she had last night to the media.

A-chan said, “I had a dream about Matsujun-san last night.” She said Arashi member, Matsumoto Jun and her went to a cell phone store together in Hiroshima where Perfume’s home town is. It sounds like they were a couple in her dream, but A-chan said that she was more like his assistant. She also said she told Matsumoto Jun about the dream and that he had a good laugh about it.

source: tokyohive
f*ing×Nozomi Sasaki 2011 Spring & Summer Collection (Part 1)

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Three sets of Han Seo Yeong

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GD&TOP win #1 on M! Countdown + other performances

Mnet’s M! Countdown returns on December 30th with another weekly fun-filled music show, and this episode was packed with awesome performances as usual.

Nine Muses’ Eunji and Lee Saem were special MCs for this final episode of the year!

Meanwhile, it was a battle between GD&TOP and IU for the #1 spot on M! Countdown today, and in the end, it was GD&TOP who got their first win since debuting as a duo unit! Due to scheduling conflicts, they did not appear to collect their trophy. Congratulations to GD&TOP nevertheless!

[coming soon]

Other performers include miss A, T-ara, Kang Seung Yoon, Huh Gak, Kim Ji Su, Park Bo Ram, Jo Moon Geun, Younha, Sean, Soul Harmony, Touch, F1rst, and JJ.

source: allkpop
Rehearsal photos from “2010 KBS Music Festival” released!
KBS has been rather late in promoting their ‘2010 KBS Music Festival‘, but it’s better late than never.

The rehearsals for the ‘2010 KBS Music Festival’ took place earlier today at the KBS Hall in Yeouido and we can finally get a glimpse of what will transpire during the actual event later tonight.

Some of the artists who were seen at the rehearsal include T-ara, Seulong, IU, U-Kiss, SHINee, 2PM and After School.

Check out the rehearsal photos below (not all rehearsals were snapped).

source: allkpop
CEO of Girl’s Story’s agency responds to harsh criticisms

Korea’s newest underage idol group, Girl’s Story, has drawn both criticisms and concerns on debuting at such a young age. Addressing the debate, the CEO of Girl’s Story’s agency stated, “Minors also have dreams and hope. We decided on making an idol group because we wanted to grow with them.”

During a phone interview with Sports Today on December 30th, Jang Hyun Ok of Ants Star Company expressed, “We did not produce Girl’s Story with the intention of earning money. We decided to produce them after seeing the members’ dreams and passions. If we ever hoped for money, we would’ve made a group out of trainees in their mid-teens or early 20s.”

He continued, “The most important thing in life is not money, but the dreams of children. I created Girl’s Story in the hope of making both the children’s dreams and my own come true. Many people around us may be worried and look at us in a harsh manner, but we will direct this group with a parent’s mind to create them into great celebrities.”

Girl’s Story released their debut single on December 28th, and have officially begun their promotional activities through cable TV channels.

source: allkpop
Producers of SBS’s “Gayo Daejun” respond to criticisms of YG bias
SBS’s “Gayo Daejun” has come under fire for the amount of air time given to YG Entertainment artists.

Netizens have been arguing that the December 29th ceremony was biased towards YGE artists, which was supposedly reflected in the amount of air time they received.

Details from the actual broadcast show that GD&TOP and Se7en’s collaboration stage received 12 minutes, while 2NE1 and Kim Gun Mo’s performance received 18 minutes and 22 seconds. In comparison, 2PM and Park Jin Young received nine minutes and 31 seconds, BoA received seven minutes, and SNSD received six minutes.

Regarding the controversy, producers of SBS’s “Gayo Daejun” spoke with Newsen on December 30th and revealed, “The amount of air time they received was already decided before the live broadcast. 2PM’s stage or GD&TOP/Se7en’s stage were all balanced out with everything else.”

They continued, “We believe that the long length of 2NE1 and Kim Gun Mo’s performance is what’s causing these accusations of bias. What people need to know is that 2NE1 only sang two of their own songs. Seeing as how ‘It Hurts‘ is a slow song, the actual length of the song must have physically felt longer. Kim Gun Mo was also the highest senior present at the show, so his stage was a lot bigger in comparison. He asked us to match it up to our time divisions, but to the viewers, we believe that it could have been misinterpreted. Regardless, we were not biased towards YG artists.”

source: allkpop
JYJ freezes Hongdae with their guerilla date
JYJ froze up a section of Hongdae on December 30th with their surprise fan guerilla date.

The trio set out on the streets with a reporter from KBS 2TV’s “Speedy Source” for a live interview. Although the guerilla date was originally scheduled for Myung-dong, the location was changed to Hongdae due to the sheer amount of fans who swarmed the area after catching wind of the news.

Despite the change in location, Hongdae was still packed with excited JYJ fans attempting to catch a glimpse of the trio in person.

The episode featuring their interview will be broadcast at a later date.

source: allkpop
Mizushima Hiro’s “KAGEROU” reaches a circulation figure of 1 million!

On December 28th, Poplar Publishing announced that Mizushima Hiro’s debut novel, “KAGEROU“, had reached a circulation figure of 1 million! Published under Mizushima’s real name, Saito Tomohiro, it took the book only two weeks to reach that astonishing figure, since the book was officially released on the 15th.

The hype is due in part to Mizushima winning the prestigious “Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction” award back in October. The combination of his fame and the author’s receivership of the award generated an interest so high that when the book was released, the publishers decided to print 430,000 copies – an astounding figure that’s incredibly rare for a new writer’s debut novel.

Considering the amount sold, how much has Mizushima earned from “KAGEROU”?

Since each book costs ¥1,400 (approximately $17 USD), and it’s already achieved a gross sales mark of ¥1,400,000,000, Mizushima will have earned¥140,000,000 ($1,700,174 USD) with his 10% writer’s royalty fees.

Congratulations, Mizushima!

source: tokyohive
Did Sawajiri Erika reconcile with her husband?

Actress Sawajiri Erika (24) and her husband, “Hyper-creator” Takashiro Tsuyoshi (46), seemed to have rekindled their romance, despite signs that the couple was nearing a divorce. On December 28th, it was revealed that the couple was living together in Barcelona, Spain.

Reporters confirmed through TV program, “Jouhou Live – Miyane-ya“, that they had seen Sawajiri at her apartment in Barcelona before and after Christmas. They also caught Takashiro when he tried to leave the apartment. He remained silent when questioned about reconciliation, but on the following day he smiled and assured that “She most certainly won’t come out today.” The statement heavily implies that the two are indeed living together.

Rumors about their divorce came up in April. During an interview in August, Sawajiri called Takashiro her “former husband“, while describing her marriage life as “like a nightmare“. Beginning in autumn however, it seems as if they’ve managed to reconcile with one another and move on with their marriage.

source: tokyohive
Sean and Jung Hye Young are the top celebrity donators

The Sean-Jung Hye Young couple won a poll asking about the most charitable celebrities.

An online job portal site recently held a survey and had 856 people vote on ‘charity role models’. The Sean-Jung Hye Young couple received a whopping 41.1% of the votes, placing them in first by a wide margin.

The two married in August of 2004 and have 2 sons and a daughter. They are famous for being the ‘kind married couple’, always taking the initiative in volunteer work. They promote donations, volunteering, and other good deeds, making them role models for many couples.

Singer Kim Jang Hoon, who is also a big donator, received 16.2% of the votes, putting him in second place. Kim recently became a hot issue when he donated over 1 billion won (approx. $959,200).

Behind him were the Cha In Pyo-Shin Era couple, who received 10.4% of the votes. MC Kim Jae Dong was fourth place with 8.1%, actress Moon Geun Young was fifth with 7%, and the Choi Soo Jong-Ha Hyi Ra couple was sixth with 3.9% of the votes.

source: allkpop
Full track released for “And I Love You” by SuJu’s Yesung & f(x)’s Luna

As reported earlier, Super Junior’s Yesung and f(x)’s Luna teamed up to record a duet track titled, “And I Love You“, for KBS’s “President, OST Part 2“.

The full track was released recently, and as intended, the combination of the duo’s rich vocals and stirring melody really bring out the song’s purpose as the drama’s “love theme.”

Achieve Group DN, the production company for the OST, commented, “The harmonization of their voices was exceptional. The sad melody and emotional lyrics mesh well together to create a luxurious ballad track that will surely be the best of this winter season.”

Check it out below!

source: allkpop
miss A’s Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun share a shy kiss on “Dream High”
miss A’s Suzy attempted her first kiss scene recently for KBS’s upcoming drama, “Dream High“!

The scene in the still-cut revealed today features Suzy (who plays the role of ‘Hyemi’) confessing her feelings to her naive country-boy crush, Kim Soo Hyun (who plays ‘Samdong’).

She then asks him to later enter ‘Girin Arts High School’ with her. In their last farewell, the two characters share a shy kiss before Hyemi leaves by bus.

Producers introduced the kiss scene to act as a teaser for their fate in the future; ‘Samdong’ is expected to be putting aside his country life and single mother in order to go find Hyemi in Seoul.

Regarding the kiss scene, Suzy later revealed, “The scene wasn’t in the actual script and was an on-the-spot addition by the director. I was surprised at first, but we fortunately got an ‘OK’ on the first try.”

source: allkpop
Profiles for Sweet Shabet revealed!
We’re all quite curious about E-TRIBE’s newest project – a girl group by the name of “Sweet Shabet“. While expectations are running high for their music, many have been wondering about the members themselves.

Recently, Happy Face Entertainment shared their profiles with Naver Music. The members are comprised of leader Vicky (22), Seri (20), Jiyool (19), Ah Young (19), Ga Eun (18), and Subin (16).

Vicky, Seri, Ah Young, and Jiyool are all entertainment broadcast majors at Dong Deok Women’s University, while Ga Eun and Subin both attend high schools specializing in entertainment.

The group already showed off their talents through SBS’s “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” last week, and demonstrated that they were all highly trained in both singing and dancing. The members also revealed that they’ve been developing their talents since they were very young.

Sweet Shabet will be releasing their “Supa Dupa Diva” teaser on January 1st, 2011.

source: allkpop
‘2010 SBS Gayo Daejun’ rehearsal photos released
SBS has been really active in promoting their ‘2010 SBS Gayo Daejun2010 SBS Gayo Daejun since last week and the anticipation continues after press photos from their rehearsal was published today.

The rehearsals for the ‘2010 SBS Gayo Daejun’ is currently well under way at the Gyeonggi-do KINTEX building and we can now get a glimpse of what will transpire at the actual event later tonight.

Some of the artists who were seen at the rehearsal include Jung Yonghwa, Jo Kwon, Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Heechul, ZE:A, Teen Top, miss A, SISTAR, Orange Caramel, Norazo, f(x), SECRET, Narsha, MBLAQ, Park Hyun Bin, Homme, 4minute, IU, Wheesung, Davichi, Jang Yoon Jung, B2ST, SHINee, Hong Jin Young, Tiger JK, Supreme Team, U-Kiss, and many more.

source: allkpop
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