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B2ST’s Dongwoon clarifies on his ‘improper greeting’ to T-ara

B2ST’s Dong Woon posted an explanation in response to a flurry of criticisms, alleging that he had improperly greeted the T-ara members.

On the December 28th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Happy Day‘, footage of Dong Woon tilting his head to the T-ara members caused some T-ara fans to believe that he was being impolite. Some commented, “T-ara is still his senior, so isn’t he being too careless?” and “It looks like he’s ignoring them.”

On December 31st, Dong Woon responded to the criticisms via Twitter. He started, ”There were some talks due to my greeting.”

“What was caught on camera was a situation in which I had already greeted my seniors [T-ara], and because they were in the middle of filming, I just slightly bowed my head to greet them. Please don’t hate me too much.”

When fans showered him with worried comments and consolation, Dong Woon replied, “I believe there must always be a clarification for comments regarding manners and character. I think you guys know the reason. I don’t get hurt that easily, so don’t worry ^^“.

More accommodating fans teasingly welcomed this seemingly stiff and unfriendly interaction, as they commented, “The beautiful (?) relationship between male and female idols!” and “All relationships between male and female idol groups should be like this“.

It appears that the scandal barely colored the relations between B2ST and T-ara, as the two groups collaborated together for SBS’s “2010 Gayo Daejun” on December 29th.

source: allkpop

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