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Big Bang’s Taeyang eats lunch with an “old friend”

Big Bang’s Taeyang has revealed a picture of himself with his ‘old friend’ G-Dragon.

On July 31st, Taeyang tweeted,

“I’m having lunch with my old friend at ABIKO :) It’s my first time at ABIKO.. It’s really tasty!!“

Key poses with Luffy of ‘One Piece’

SHINee’s Key recently surprised fans with a photo update from Japan.

On July 31st, Key posted, “I’m going to ride the ‘Thousand Sunny’ when I return to Korea. Because I saw ‘Luffy’, it might take awhile [for me to return],” and attached a selca of himself with the anime character.

Radio rip of SHINee’s Japanese single, “JULIETTE”, revealed

Idol group SHINee recently released a MV teaser for their upcoming single, “JULIETTE“, and now, a full radio rip of the song has been revealed!

The Japanese version of “JULIETTE” is SHINee’s second single, and is scheduled to be released on August 29th.

miss A wins Inkigayo Mutizen + other performances

SBS’s Inkigayo is back once again, and this week’s show was full of amazing and fun performances from the top participating K-pop artists!

The ‘Take 7‘ nominees for this week’s show were MBLAQ (“Mona Lisa“), HyunA (“Bubble Pop!“), T-ara (“Roly-Poly“), INFINITE (“Be Mine“), miss A (“Good Bye Baby“), 2NE1 (“Hate You“) and Girl’s Day (“Hug Me Once“). Girl’s Day was absent from today’s show.

2NE1 returns with “Ugly” and “Hate You” on Inkigayo

After a short promotion period with “I Am The Best“, 2NE1 is begining yet another round of promotions on SBS Inkigayo with their new tracks “Ugly” and “Hate You” from their second mini album.

TEEN TOP returns with “No More Perfume On You” on Inkigayo

After the release of their first mini-album, “ROMAN” earlier this week, TEEN TOP is out to conquer the stage with their first comeback in nearly four months.

Known for their powerful choreography for “Clap” and “Supa Luv“, the boys made their return amidst the anticipation of many in the industry for living up to their potential.

ZE:A follows up with “Heart for 2″ on Inkigayo

ZE:A have ditched being cute Pororos’ and transformed into charismatic men for their “Heart for 2” promotions on today’s episode of SBS Inkigayo.

Having performed a shortened version of it during their comeback stage, the boys will be following up with a full performance of “Heart for 2″ for their follow-up promotions. It is a composition by rookie team E.One and is a crossover number that combines house electronic rhythm with acoustic sounds. The fresh arrangement and the powerful yet sentimental melody capture the boys’ drastic transformation well.

Brave Girls make their “Easily” comeback on Inkigayo

On the July 31st episode of SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’, the ladies of Brave Girls finally made their comeback with their title track, “Easily“!

Their comeback mini-album, “Back to da Future“, includes a wide selection of different genres, with particular inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s. Their title track, “Easily“, is a medium-tempo song of the reggae style that’s easy to sing along and groove to.

NS Yoon Ji makes her comeback on ‘Inkigayo’ with “Want To See You Again”

Singer NS Yoon Ji is finally back on SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ with her latest track, “Want To See You Again”!

Released on July 29th, “Want To See You Again” is a refreshing acoustic track produced by hitmakers Rhymer and Master Key. The song’s cheerful lyrics talk about the heart-pounding, happy moments of a couple at the beginning stages of their relationship.

Boyfriend follows up with “YOU & I” on Inkigayo

Rookie idol group Boyfriend has begun promotions for their follow-up track, “YOU & I“.

The boys chose the song after it received the hottest response from both fans and music critics alike.

Old sticker photos of 2NE1’s Dara and Bom revealed
A old photoset of 2NE1 BFFs Park Bom and Sandara Park has been revealed!

On July 31st, an anonymous netizen posted this picture under the title, “Past photo of 2NE1’s Dara“.

This series of sticker photos show both members having fun with the camera, as they hold up V-signs and pose cutely. The captions in most of the photos read, “Dara and Bom“, in addition to “Da YG girls“.

Netizens commented, “These two look very close“, “They look good“, and “2NE1 FOREVER!“.

source: allkpop
2NE1’s Dara shares a selca after pre-recording for ‘Inkigayo’

Immediately after recording for SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘, 2NE1’s Dara updated her Me2day with a new selca update featuring her group’s new CD.

On July 31st, she wrote, “Finished the pre-recording for ‘Ugly‘! Thank you to all of the Blackjacks who came to see us today! Although we weren’t able to talk much, I look forward to a better stage and more conversation next time!”

2PM reveals Japanese MV for “I’m Your Man”

2PM are ready to proclaim that “I’m Your Man“!

The boys have just revealed their music video for “I’m Your Man“, their second Japanese single. Dressed to the nines in slick black suits, 2PM delivers a killer performance in both their acting and dance. They even incorporate their neckties into their choreography!

TEEN TOP reveals dance version of “No More Perfume on You” MV

A few days ago, the boys of TEEN TOP released their music video for “No More Perfume On You“; now, they’ve unveiled a dance version of the MV through their official YouTube channel!

Music Core performances from July 30th

MBC’s Music Core is back once again with another fun and exciting show!

Today’s show was actually pre-recorded outdoors on the night of July 26th and had been organized as the “2011 Ulsan Summer Festival” for the Ulsan residents.

T-ara reveals that they cried after seeing their “Roly-Poly” outfits

T-ara’s unique outfits for “Roly-Poly” have been attracting a ton of attention lately for being fun and on-point with their retro theme. Interestingly enough, the girls confessed that they had cried when they first heard of their wardrobe concept for the song.

The members said, “We were so embarrassed of the outfits – even more so than the gloves we wore for ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep‘. They looked like they were picked by our moms right from a flea market. Shirts with wide collars, baggy disco pants, colorful button ups, and even a handkerchief to wrap around your neck.”

AKB48’s Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, and Shinoda Mariko’s CM revealed!

AKB48’s Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, and Shinoda Mariko’s new CM for acne medicine, “Hythiol-B” has now been unveiled!

This 15-second CM features their own song for “Hythiol-B” and a unique hand motion to display their dislike for acne.

Morning Musume’s Mitsui Aika + Sayashi Riho to withdraw from summer tour

According to an announcement on Hello! Project’s official website, Morning Musume members Mitsui Aika and Sayashi Riho will be withdrawing from their current concert tour, “Hello! Project 2011 SUMMER“.

Because of her previous ankle fracture, Mitsui is being advised by a doctor to rest for approximately eight weeks. Sayashi is currently at home for sciatica (pain, numbness or weakness in the leg caused by the injury/compression of the sciatic nerve), and will not return for about six weeks.

V6 reveals PV preview for “Sexy.Honey.Bunny!”

V6 has just revealed a PV preview for their latest song, “Sexy.Honey.Bunny!“!

“Sexy.Honey.Bunny!” is one of two songs from of their upcoming double A-side single, “Sexy.Honey.Bunny!/Takara no Ishi“.

It’s said that the choreography in this PV was made for fans especially so they could learn the moves to later bust out at karaoke and at concerts. The clip also features V6 celebrating the wrap-up of their video shoot.

HITT are looking for their kitten’s mommy
On July 19th, HITT’s leader, Hayong tweeted, “There was a kitty waiting for its mommy in front of our studio~ It’s pouring and the mommy still hasn’t arrived!! In the meantime we… will take care of it!”.

In the main picture, three of the group’s members are snapped cradling the kitten with a sad expression on their faces. Members have named the kitty ‘Sseubong‘ because they found the kitten by the garbage bag in front of their practice room.

Crispi Crunch releases a fiery teaser for “Thumbs Up”

Hip hop duo Crispi Cruch (who were once a trio, but a member recently left) have released a string of digital singles earlier this year, and now they’re finally preparing to drop a full album.

Kim Hyun Joong announces plans for a Japanese tour
SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong successfully completed his Japanese showcase on July 29th at the JEPP Tokyo.

Over 1,800 fans and reporters from 200 different media outlets showed up for the promotional “Break Down“ event. Although Kim Hyun Joong performed in Japan before with SS501, it was his first time appearing as a soloist. “Even so, I’m not nervous,” he said as he smiled at the crowd.

miss A wins Music Bank K-Chart on comeback + other performances

‘Music Bank‘ is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages, miss A, INFINITE, TEEN TOP, Homme, Hwanhee, NS Yoon Ji, and Brave Girls made their respective comebacks, while ZE:A began follow-up promotions.

miss A faced off against 2NE1 for this week’s K-Chart, and in the end, it was the former who clinched the win. Congratulations to miss A who claims their 2nd win in two days!

T-ara’s Jiyeon admits she’s envious of Eunjung because of ‘We Got Married’

T-ara’s Jiyeon recently confessed that she was envious of fellow member Eunjung because of her involvement in MBC’s ‘We Got Married‘.

On the July 29th broadcast of YTN’s ‘News and Issue – Issue and People‘, Jiyeon, Eunjung, and Hyomin made a special guest appearance to talk about their participation in a new horror film.

miss A’s Suzy on acting plans and ‘Dream High 2′
miss A’s Suzy made her acting debut last year through KBS’s ‘Dream High‘ as a cold, yet sensitive character named ‘Go Hyemi’. Although she’s now busy with promotions for miss A’s comeback with “Good Bye Baby“, fans couldn’t help but wonder about whether she’d pursue acting again in the future.

2PM reveals “I’m Your Man” jacket photos
Idol group 2PM have revealed the album jacket photos for their second Japanese single, “I’m Your Man“!

The photos expose the album jackets of both the single’s normal and the limited edition versions. The members are found dressed in fitted black suits that give them the look of suave, yet youthful gentlemen. The image matches well with the lyrics of the song, which is about a man who seeks to protect a person that’s precious to him.

KARA’s Seungyeon cries over kittens on her new show, ‘TV Animal Farm’
On July 29th, SBS revealed that KARA’s Seungyeon was officially cast as an MC for their popular animal program, ‘TV Animal Farm‘.

Representatives of SBS said, “After Shinji departed from the program, stars like f(x)’s Sulli, After School’s Kahi and Lizzy, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, and many others have been acting as one-day MCs for the program. However, we have finally made the final decision of casting Seungyeon to join the cast of MCs.”

TVXQ’s Yunho to become a Jedi Knight for ‘Kiss and Cry’
TVXQ’s Yunho delighted the audience with his ‘Star Wars‘-based routine for the 4th round of SBS’s ‘Kiss and Cry‘.

The upcoming episode will see Yunho showing some flashy swordsmanship on ice with a lightsaber. He’ll also be utilizing fireworks during the performance as well.

Jiyeon delivers a fun selca for T-ara’s 2nd anniversary

T-ara’s Jiyeon revealed a picture recently to celebrate her group’s two year anniversary.

On July 29th, Jiyeon tweeted “Did my wink come out well? I ended up looking like a Squirtle. I’m going to laugh today because it’s our 2 year anniversary!“.

miss A thanks fans for their first “Good Bye Baby” music program win

Through they’re just a week into their comeback, the ladies of miss A already snagged their first music program win on yesterday’s episode of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ for “Good Bye Baby“!

The girls have a shining history chock-full of awards and achievements, and they’re known for having won first place on a music program just 21 days into their debut, a remarkable feat for any rookie. We shouldn’t be too surprised, though, as “Good Bye Baby” has been ranking in on charts every where since its release.

T-ara reveals concept photo for new version of “Roly-Poly”
T-ara has announced that they’ll be releasing a ‘Eurodance’ version of their hit track, ”Roly-Poly“.

This ‘Eurodance’ version will give a chic and trendy twist to the retro-flavored song. The concept is said to be “Friend! Where are you now?“, an idea that strongly implies ’summer vacation’. With its fun rhythm and bright musical accents, this new version of “Roly-Poly” aims to be the perfect summer track.

Super Junior announces 5th album concept is ‘Ubersexual’
Super Junior has officially announced their new concept for their 5th album’s title track, “Mr. Simple“.

The boys had K-Pop fans buzzing over what their concept would be after unveiling a series of eclectic teaser photos over the past few days. SM Entertainment announced that their new concept is ‘Ubersexual‘, meaning the boys are pursuing a more stylish and masculine image, but yet it’ll still be sexy and suave.

Seungri plays at being a pilot

Did Big Bang’s Seungri switch up his profession? Luckily no, he’s just goofing around for the camera.

Seungri posted the above photo on his me2day, “Mayday mayday, this is BB121 requesting for take off to return to Korea.”

Jo Kwon teases about 2AM & 2PM’s variety show appearance

2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed a selca he took with 2PM’s Wooyoung from a practice room at JYP Entertainment.

Jo Kwon tweeted, “Even though it’s hot, and we’re tired, we’re still working hard! In a few hours, 2AM and 2PM will be on air for a variety show, it’s been a while, yoohoo.”

Heechul releases another photo of his perm

A couple of days ago, Super Junior’s Heechul teased fans with a back view of his new hairdo. Earlier today, he released a better image of his newly permed hair!

On July 28th, Heechul tweeted, “My hair has become more loose. I think I’ll need to perm my hair once more before our first [comeback] broadcast,” and attached a side view of his curly locks.

On July 28th, technology giant Intel revealed that they presented SNSD with a one-of-a-kind jewelry set made from their computer chips!
On July 28th, technology giant Intel revealed that they presented SNSD with a one-of-a-kind jewelry set made from their computer chips!

Artist lineup for VAMPS’ ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011′ revealed!

It’s been announced that rock band VAMPS will be holding their Halloween event, ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011‘, once again this year!

The ‘HALLOWEEN PARTY’ attracts a lot of attention thanks to the performers’ unique costumes and gorgeous stage sets. This year, the event will be held at Chiba Makuhari Messe on October 21st and 22nd, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on October 29th and 30th.

Tickets will be available to the public through Play Guide starting September 24th, however, fans of VAMPS’ fan club, “VAMPADDICT“, will have the chance to pre-order tickets starting August 4th.


October 21st (Fri) – Chiba Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex 9~11 Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/BREAKERZ

October 22nd (Sat) – Chiba Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex 9~11 Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/sads/SID

October 29th (Sat) – Kobe World Memorial Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/and more

October 30th (Sun) – Kobe World Memorial Hall
Artists: VAMPS/Acid Black Cherry/and more

Visual Kei band BLOOD to perform at ‘Dot.con’ in Canada

Japanese visual kei/gothic band BLOOD has announced that they’ll be performing at anime convention, Dotcon, in Toronto, Canada. They will be performing live on November 12th, and they even left a short video message.

In the video message, each of the members introduce themselves (except Dora) and expressed their gratitude and hope for their fans to come up to Canada. Impressively, they all spoke in English.

Check out the 45-second video below!

source: tokyohive
Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the 3rd week of July!

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the 3rd week of July below!

Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking

2PM to release their first concert DVD, “DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP”

2PM will soon be releasing their first concert DVD, which includes behind-the-scenes action from their ‘DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP‘ tour.

On July 28th, CJ E&M stated, “To commemorate 2PM’s first solo concert that was held last year, a special DVD titled ‘THIS IS FOR MY HOTTEST‘ will be released.”

IU cheekily challenges her fan to fulfill his promise
Singer IU has been cracking up netizens with her great sense of humor.

On July 27th, a fan left a frustrated comment on IU’s fancafe under the title, “You don’t leave any replies. This is too much.” The fan wrote, “Everyone, if IU replies to this message, I’ll dress like a woman.”

Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ depart for Japan
On the morning of July 28th, Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ were spotted at Gimpo Airport as they were making their way to their respective flights for Japan.

Kim Hyun Joong is heading to Japan for his ‘Break Down‘ showcase that’s being held at the Tokyo International Forum on the 29th. At the event, the star will meet with approximately 1,500 people, including reporters and fans, while promoting his new mini-album. Kim Hyun Joong will be performing songs from ‘Break Down’, and is expected to put on a powerful stage.

KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ prepares for a world tour

On July 27th, representatives of KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ met with reporters and announced that they’ll be taking the popular music program on a world tour!

Starting this October, KBS will be kicking off their world tour in New York, before heading off to China for November; they’ll then tackle Vietnam and Europe in 2012. This large-scale K-Pop concert will be held under the title, ‘Music Bank’.

B2ST tops Japan’s ‘Recochoku’ chart three times in a row with “Fiction”
The Japanese ‘orchestra version’ of B2ST’s hit track, “Fiction“, has topped Japanese ringtone chart Recochoku three times in a row!

On July 27th, B2ST released the orchestra version of “Fiction” through Recochoku, and grabbed #1 on the day of its release. This marks the third time B2ST topped the chart since “Bad Girl” and “Shock“.

Sandara Park: “I’m not pretty or beautiful, but I’m the best”

2NE1’s Sandara Park expressed how anxious she was about the release of her group’s latest mini-album, which features their new chart-topping single, “Ugly.”

She posted on her me2day, “Snapped during recording while anxiously waiting for the album release. Did you listen to the song? I’m not pretty or beautiful. But I’m the best. It’s like that. Now recording is finished. We’re going to our dorms. Good night.”

Super Junior to relay their comeback press conference live

Super Junior will be holding a comeback press conference that will be shared all over the world through their official Facebook and YouTube channel!

On August 4th, the boys will be hosting a press conference to celebrate the release of their fifth album, “Mr. Simple“, at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. Fans will be able to catch live updates of the press conference through their Facebook and YouTube channel, including photos and videos.

AKB48 to open an official store in Harajuku!
On July 27th, AKB48 members Maeda Ami, Iwasa Misaki, and Oota Aika attended a press conference to commemorate the grand opening of their first official streetside shop, “AKB48 OFFICIAL SHOP HARAJUKU“.

This store will be located on the famous Harajuku shopping street, Takeshita Dori; for the time being, customers can only enter by making an appointment. Oota excitedly stated, “I’m happy because it makes me feel like an idol,” while Maeda mused, “I want to be a salesperson for a day.”

“My Neighbor Totoro” DVD manages to stay on Oricon rankings for 500 weeks!

The DVD for Studio Ghibli’s masterpiece, “Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)” has managed to stay on the Oricon DVD Ranking chart for 500 weeks!

This DVD was released back on September 28th, 2001, and has stayed on the rankings for exactly nine years and ten months as of August 1st.This is the first DVD that’s managed to rank for 500 weeks ever since Oricon began its DVD chart in April of 1999.

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